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email alert when this plugin is deactivated, new plugin is installed and let you hide the whole site (and login page) from attackers. Innovhub - stazioni sperimentali PER L'industria.R.L. 1.1 Add extra login protection when ip it is not whitelisted and improved failed login table management. M/help where is start up guide? Capitale sociale: Euro.000.000,00.v.

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2.09 Feedback System Improvements. Consulta il sito web e la documentazione completa. Demo Video 1) Install via wordpress. Not whitelisted IPs need fill out one aditional email field in login form. M/guide where is the OnLine FAQ page? Where is the Complete OnLine Manual? 1.9 Minor bug fixes.

Disable file editing within the WordPress dashboard. 2.06 Improved Help System.05 Improved Ip recover.04 Disable Json WordPress Rest API (also new WordPress.7 Rest API). Energy Scan, ottieni subito l' audit energetico gratuito della tua impresa! No fail2ban or another software required. M/contact/.19 Included Firewall. Guarda il tutorial dell'. Replace insecure login error message. Optionally, let you hide your site (and login page) from attackers.